The Bussen Family has a long history of community involvement. Annually, Bussen Quarries supports over 150 charitable organizations! In addition to funding charitable endeavors, Bussen works with local high schools to provide funding for academic scholarships provided by the school district. Bussen also puts community involvement into action through our popular quarry tour program, our soccer field donation to a local school and even through the material and labor we donated to improve the land and trail at Cliff Cave Park.

Quarry Tours

Last year over 50 tours were given to area schools, boy and girl scout troops, senior centers and adult education classes. The tour covers a wide range of topics from Missouri geology to quarry production processes and equipment.

Cliff Cave Park

Bussen Quarries donated labor, equipment and materials towards the rehab of the Mississippi River front area of Cliff Cave Park and the installation of the 5.1 mile Cliff Cave trail. This park has been transformed thanks to the dedicated labor force and generosity of Bussen as well as JB Marine.

Bussen Soccer Fields

Bussen Quarries built and donated the South County soccer fields known as "Bussen Fields" to St. Francis of Assisi Grade School in 1972. Over the years, thousands of local athletes have played on these fields that are located on Jefferson Barracks Quarry property.